Full Name
Dery Rodriguez
Job Title
Program Manager

Dery Rodriguez has over 10 years experience in education policy, family engagement and community advocacy. She has dedicated her professional career to public service. Dery has extensive experience in leadership, strategy and partnership, and is a staunch community advocate. She has an unwavering commitment to amplifying student voice for a more equitable future. Dery has a proven track record of creating a pipeline to strengthen the roles of family-facing staff, and her recent work focuses on bridging the digital gap. As a key lead member of the Digital Professional Learning Team at NYC/DOE, Dery collaborated with DIIT to strategies  capacity  building for staff to enhance online learning and skills development for over 500 district and school staff. Dery is also a board of directors member, and chair of the community partnership committee at the Omega Phi Beta Foundation, which received the 2021 Women of Color STEM Achievement Award.

Dery Rodriguez