Full Name
Philippa Wraithmell
Job Title
Director of Digital Education and Innovation
Cranleigh Abu Dhabi
Over the last five years, Philippa has had the opportunity to lead digital strategies in schools across the UK and UAE. Building skills around teaching, learning and safeguarding as well as schools digital eco-systems. Her school leadership experience is now spanning FS-13/ K-12 Curriculum areas and supporting the development of meaningful technologies using research-based strategies, embedding pedagogy within digital learning. More recently, during the Covid pandemic, she supported schools in need with developing online learning systems to ensure education for all. She graduated from Nottingham Trent University and has completed an NPQSL in digital pedagogy and school improvement.

Philippa has a drive and passion for educating staff, parents and students on digital safety, underpinning everything she does in schools that deliver digital learning. Meaningful use of education technology is of utmost importance in providing all students in and out of the classroom. This led to her becoming Chair of GoBubble’s Global Education Council.

In 2020, Philippa won a GESS education award for Innovation in Learning. She was part of the BETT Middle East advisory board, which led to her becoming a founding member of Wii_Edu. A platform is supporting women in education. She is now working on a book she hopes will support leaders and educators globally, to develop Sustainable Digital Eco-Systems, published this year by John Catt Education.
Philippa Wraithmell