Full Name
Tara Carrozza
Job Title
Director of Digital Learning and Innovation (DLI)
NYC Public Schools

Tara is a creative, digital transformation leader in NYC Public Schools, setting the vision and strategy for digital teaching, learning and innovation. The DLI team builds citywide capacity to design and deliver student-centered, 21st century digital learning pedagogy and technology integration, a robust professional learning catalog, and leader-targeted work centered on building District and School-based Digital Learning Plans to develop and sustain cohesive digital learning ecosystems, inclusive of AI and Cybersecurity. As an SME in Artificial Intelligence, she works closely with internal and external partners on the safe and ethical AI implementation, incorporating student voice and agency in the process, and developing technical solutions to test efficacy of generative AI-empowered learning acceleration, inclusivity, and accessibility in core instructional areas. Tara is equity-focused, citing her background in special education and support of women in technology, to be at the heart of her work in providing universal access to technology-enhanced learning, and digital skill building, for every learner in our global society.

Tara Carrozza