Name Location Name Speakers
7:30 AM - 8:30 AM (EDT)
RegistrationLibrary Learning Center (LLC) 1st Floor Lobby 
Continental Breakfast/Partner Meet & GreetLibrary Learning Center (LLC): Library, 3rd Floor 
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM (EDT)
Welcoming Remarks & Opening KeynoteHumanities: Kumble TheaterRandy Asher Rebecca Ramnauth Matthew Blanar
9:30 AM - 10:00 AM (EDT)
Partner Meet & GreetLibrary Learning Center (LLC): Library, 3rd Floor 
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM (EDT)
Maintaining Proper Cyber Hygiene in Your HomeHumanities Classroom: H311 - 3rd Floor 
Take Attendance the Right Way! Go Paperless with Online AttendanceHumanities Classroom: H309 - 3rd FloorGuillermo Tejeda
SchoolStatus | Fostering An Inclusive School Community through Integrated CommunicationHumanities Classroom: H213 - 2nd Floorjason moss
Need more money? RESOA, Grant writing, Communitity OutreachLibrary Learning Center (LLC) Lecture Hall 116 - 1st Floor 
FutureReadyNYC - Technology Pathways [CTLE Eligible]Humanities Classroom: H315 - 3rd FloorAlexander Poher Ross Berman
Canva | Elevate Teaching and Learning with Canva for EducationHumanities Classroom: H303 - 3rd FloorElisabeth Bostwick
Jupiter Ed | One App for All: How Jupiter keeps families and school staff connected and engagedHumanities Classroom: H305 - 3rd FloorStuart Miles
Exploring Passport to Social Studies in iLearnNYC (Middle School) Library Learning Center (LLC) Lecture Halls 122 - 1st FloorDan Kossow
ReFrame Solutions | How ReFrame Engage Check-In Fosters Parent Involvement and Improves Student AttendanceHumanities Classroom: H215 - 2nd FloorMark House Sandra Schroeder
GradeCam | Gradient, Assessment made Easy | Experience the Value of Instant Grading, Live Reports, and Easy IntegrationsHumanities Classroom: H214 - 2nd FloorBradley Johnson
Apple Education | What’s New in Education from AppleHumanities Classroom: H201 - 2nd FloorApple Education
CommonLit 360: Engaging, Digitally-Native ELA Curriculum for 6-12Humanities Classroom: H202 - 2nd FloorAllie Liotta
Kami 101: Your Complete Guide to LearningHumanities Classroom: H204 - 2nd FloorOliver Tingling
LEGO Education | Hands-on STEAM Learning Experiences with LEGO Education [CTLE Eligible]Humanities Classroom: H209 - 2nd FloorJoseph Sanfilippo
What’s New with GoogleLibrary Learning Center (LLC) Lecture Hall 124 - 1st FloorCindy Wong Lisa Choi Pete Raubvogel
I am a SPOC, Now What?Humanities Classroom: H316 - 3rd Floor 
JumpRope | Tools to Support Engagement and Communication about Learning and AttendanceHumanities Classroom: H307 - 3rd FloorJesse Olsen
Adobe Tools for Admins Humanities Classroom: H314 - 3rd FloorRobyn Bryant Aliza Fliegelman Shira Moskovitz
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM (EDT)
D2L | iLearn: The NYCDOE has an LMSHumanities Classroom: H201 - 2nd FloorAmy Kuna
ScreenBeam | Tech-Conscious Leadership and Reverse Engineering the Modern ClassroomHumanities Classroom: H209 - 2nd FloorDavid Lopez
The Case for Financial Education and the Digital Resources to Make it Happen [CTLE Eligible]Humanities Classroom: H315 - 3rd FloorEileen Marks DiFabio
DeviceHubHumanities Classroom: H215 - 2nd FloorAleksandr Sheynin
Google |Experience how Google for Education's Latest AI-Powered Tools Revolutionize the Classroom [CTLE Eligible]Library Learning Center (LLC) Lecture Hall 124 - 1st FloorDanieta Morgan
Tips & Tricks for Using Microsoft and Adobe productsLibrary Learning Center (LLC) Lecture Hall 116 - 1st FloorKatina Lathourakis Jackie Patanio Michael Edwards
Age of Learning | A Movement, Not an Initiative: Leveraging Technology to Revolutionize Personalized LearningHumanities Classroom: H307 - 3rd FloorDana Grau
K12 AI Innovation, Policy, & Literacy [CTLE Eligible]Library Learning Center (LLC) Lecture Halls 122 - 1st Floor 
Panorama Education | Elevating Student Voice to Advance Outcomes: Panorama Education's Research-Based Social-Emotional Learning Assessment ToolHumanities Classroom: H213 - 2nd FloorTommy Graziano
Need More Money? RESOA, Grant Writting, Communitity OutreachHumanities Classroom: H313 - 3rd Floor 
Seesaw Instruction and Insights | The only elementary Learning Experience Platform that supports joyful and inclusive instructionHumanities Classroom: H202 - 2nd FloorPhil Terra
A+ STEM Labs | Helping teachers teach with technology with A+ STEM LabsHumanities Classroom: H305 - 3rd FloorBill Waibel
Fact or Fiction? Navigating the Digital Labyrinth with AI & Media Literacy [CTLE Eligible]Humanities Classroom: H309 - 3rd FloorLeanne Ellis
ClasStars | Behavior Management and Data Collection, SimplifiedHumanities Classroom: H303 - 3rd FloorMoshe Fried
B&H Photo B2B & Wacom for Education | Strategies and Tools to Amplify Student VoiceHumanities Classroom: H314 - 3rd FloorMichele Dick
NYCPS Building AI Literacy: Practical Approaches for Future-Ready Students [CTLE Eligible]Humanities Classroom: H311 - 3rd FloorBrett Roer David Liu
Touro University's Graduate School of Technology | Why to Pursue a Masters Degree in Educational TechnologyHumanities Classroom: H204 - 2nd FloorJay Lefkowitz
Minecraft Battle of Boroughs & Scholastic Esports [CTLE Eligible]Humanities: Kumble TheaterJose Perez
Adobe Creativity for AllHumanities Classroom: H316 - 3rd FloorJesse Lubinsky Joe Santiago
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)
Lunch / Partner Meet & GreetCyber Café & Breezeway 
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM (EDT)
Ctrl+Change: Moves Leaders Make to Change Technology Practice in Schools [CTLE Eligible]Humanities Classroom: H316 - 3rd FloorJason Levy
DOE Grades, How Are We Doing?Humanities Classroom: H311 - 3rd Floor 
Preparing for GenerationAI: Microsoft CopilotHumanities Classroom: H305 - 3rd FloorDarren Clay
21st Century Testing: Summative Assessments and Digital Exams [CTLE Eligible]Humanities: Kumble TheaterMichael Ryan
Exploring Passport to Social Studies in iLearnNYC (High School) [CTLE Eligible]Humanities Classroom: H309 - 3rd FloorArlene Francis-Scarde
Creating a Safe & Welcoming Digital Learning Environment; How Do We Prepare Students for a World of AI? [CTLE Eligible]Humanities Classroom: H313 - 3rd FloorJackie Patanio Laura Ogando
Creating a Digital Classroom Using Illustrative Mathematics [CTLE Eligible]Humanities Classroom: H314 - 3rd Floor 
Game & Interactive Media Design Pathways [CTLE Eligible]Humanities Classroom: H315 - 3rd Floor 
School In-house Tech Support 2.0 Library Learning Center (LLC) Lecture Hall 116 - 1st FloorClemente Marte Alvaro Gonzalez Erin Dietz Brian Jordan
Tools for Supporting Parent/Guardian Communication Library Learning Center (LLC) Lecture Halls 122 - 1st Floor 
2:00 PM - 2:45 PM (EDT)
Harnessing the Power of Data to Empower Educators and Transform K-12 Instruction [CTLE Eligible]Library Learning Center (LLC) Lecture Hall 116 - 1st FloorMichael Schwartz Dale Francisco Rana Salman Rashid
DOE Messaging and MeHumanities Classroom: H311 - 3rd FloorGuillermo Tejeda
NYC's DOE Next Generation Student Information SystemHumanities Classroom: H314 - 3rd FloorAnnMarie Dull
Understanding and Implementing Assistive Technology in Schools [CTLE Eligible]Humanities Classroom: H303 - 3rd FloorLe Nghi Joseph Piazza Maricris Formoso-Santos
Adobe Tools: Creativity in the Classroom [CTLE Eligible]Library Learning Center (LLC) Lecture Hall 124 - 1st FloorKerry McGarvey Eric Scattaretico
Technology for Everyone! [CTLE Eligible]Humanities Classroom: H309 - 3rd FloorClaire Keller Mathew Gorin
Minecraft Battle of Boroughs & Scholastic Esports [CTLE Eligible] Humanities: Kumble TheaterJose Perez
How Do We Prepare Students for a World of AI? [CTLE Eligible]Library Learning Center (LLC) Lecture Halls 122 - 1st FloorJackie Patanio
Digging the Binary: Meaningful Learning Through Minecraft Coding [CTLE Eligible]Humanities Classroom: H313 - 3rd FloorSean Arnold
Wow, I Didn't Know Microsoft Had ThatHumanities Classroom: H316 - 3rd FloorCorissa Fontana
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM (EDT)
Award Ceremony & Closing RemarksHumanities: Kumble TheaterRandy Asher