NYCPS Building AI Literacy: Practical Approaches for Future-Ready Students [CTLE Eligible]

This session offers a foundation for artificial intelligence and its connection to teaching and learning. Co-led by NYCPS Principal David Liu, who is actively using AI to revolutionize teaching and learning at Gotham Collaborative High School, this session offers a comprehensive foundation in artificial intelligence and its role in our schools. Together, we'll demystify AI, discuss how to make it accessible and relevant to today’s educators, and explore practical skills and tools being used to reimagine the future of education. This collaboration aims to showcase real-world applications of AI in New York City’s classrooms, emphasizing the importance of AI literacy and preparing students for an AI-driven future. This session will enhance your understanding of AI, enrich your educational toolkit, and inspire a rethinking of what education can look like in today’s AI-integrated classrooms.

Brett Roer David Liu
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM (EDT)
Location Name
Humanities Classroom: H311 - 3rd Floor