Full Name
Moshe Fried
Job Title

Moshe Fried LCSW is the co-founder and CEO of ClasStars. For nearly two decades, Moshe has helped hundreds of kids and their parents work with their teachers to achieve highly effective outcomes. He has done this both in the school setting and through his private practice. Moshe collaborated with hundreds of educators across the globe for a decade, and in 2021 Moshe received the Top 100 Visionaries in Education award at the GFEL conference in Las Vegas, NV, for his outstanding vision and leadership. He is also the host of the ClasStars Podcast.

At the start of his career, Moshe realized that teachers were overburdened. In the classroom of the most dedicated teachers, students were being overlooked and slipping through the cracks of the system.

One of Moshe’s primary goals is to help teachers “notice” every child in a positive way and establish good teacher-student relationships with their students. His method is drawn from research, experience, and common sense. Children need a lot of encouragement, and very often the students who need the encouragement the most, get it the least.

Moshe was inspired to develop ClasStars, an app that enables teachers to simply apply these techniques in the classroom. When Moshe is not working on ClasStars, he is working with families through his private practice, or spending time with his wife and children in Brooklyn, NY.

Moshe Fried