Full Name
Gian Pedulla
Job Title
Educational Vision Services Supervisor

I am a Supervisor for Educational Vision Services, the District 75 program that is responsible for providing services to over 700 blind and low-vision students.  I am excited to speak to you today, not only representing our blind and low vision students, but as an advocate for all our city's students with disabilities.  Blindness, like other disabilities is not binary.  It is not just on or off, it is better thought as a spectrum or continuum.  I have been blind since and utilize many non-visual methods and techniques to accomplish most of the same things that sighted folks do on a daily basis.  The tools that a blind person uses to compensate for their vision loss vary widely.  Disabled or not, it is never one size fits all.  Access is a major key to our student's inclusion in society and eventual success.

Gian Pedulla