Full Name
Ashley Ufret
Job Title
Classroom Teacher/CS & Equity Integration Specialist K-5
CSforALL/P.S. 375 Jackie Robinson School

Ashley Ufret has been an Elementary Childhood & Bilingual Education Educator for 6 years. Starting her journey with the NYC CS4ALL Sep Jr. program, she accepted the opportunity to join CS4All's Equity Ingenuity and EECS teams soon after. She found CS & Equity integration was the key to delivering meaningful, engaging and accessible instruction. With over 500 hours of professional learning in CS & Equity, she finds innovative ways to integrate CS & Equity within core content areas. She aims to bring CS & Equity education to ALL students, leading her to taking an active role in advocacy, educator recruitment, and teacher training. Selected as a CSTA 2021-22 Equity Fellow, Ashley Ufret is a leader in the CS & Equity global community. 

Ashley Ufret