In-person agenda

All in-person sessions are CTLE-eligible other than the Partner Meet & Greet sessions. 

Below is the working agenda for attending in-person. Check back for updates.


The sessions that will be streamed for the virtual audience are noted below. Please note, joining us virtually only offers these select livestreamed sessions:

  • Welcome/Chancellor Opening Remarks/Keynote
  • Grades, Attendance & Messaging
  • School Partnership Program-Amplifying School Support at DIIT
  • Engaging Readers with Digital Books
  • Closing/Awards

    All virtual sessions are CTLE-eligible other than the breaks and Product Showcases.

By attending an event partner session and/or visiting an event partner booth and having your badge scanned, you are consenting to pass your data to the partner running this session/booth only. This agreement to share with this specific partner, is separate from the general event data sharing permissions you gave (or didn't give) at the point of online registration.

Name Speakers Location Name
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM (EDT)
Registration/Partner Meet & Greet Vendor Halls (1st Floor & Mezzanine)
Continental Breakfast Student Dining Room (5th Floor)
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (EDT)
Welcome/Chancellor Opening Remarks/Keynote Concert Hall (1st Floor)
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM (EDT)
Snacks Available Student Dining Room (5th Floor)
Partner MEET & GREET Vendor Halls (1st Floor & Mezzanine)
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (EDT)
Promethean | Simple SolutionsAbigail Southard Ryan Thornton Adam Hyman Classroom (437)
Fast Forward: Using Videos to Deepen Digital Citizenship SkillsTali Horowitz Sparkle Peters Classroom (427)
Acer | Google Chrome & AccessibilitySanti Khairassame Robyn Bryant Classroom (441)
Adobe | Creativity for All: Adobe and the NYC DOEJesse Lubinsky Kerry McGarvey Classroom (429)
Borough Tech Directors Office Hours: MacOS Monterey Upgrade "Simplified"Eileen Marks Laura Benin Raphael Ortiz Paul Fernandez Hector Matias Guillermo Tejeda Classroom (643)
Computational Thinking and Creative Coding with BrainPOP!Marley Zeno Classroom (645)
CDW Education | The Modern Classroom 2022: Preparing Students for Tomorrow by Reimagining Education TodayEileen Marks Diana Gross Vitalis Ndikum Classroom (421)
Clever | Classroom Engagement Support with Clever: Digital Learning, Secure and Simplified!Leslie Cameron Classroom (641)
Crick Software | Effective Differentiation and Time-Saving Solutions with ClickerToni Caggiano Classroom (631)
Edlio | How Website Accessibility Increases Family EngagementNicole Legaux Classroom (609)
TutorMe | TutorMe: How to support students—and educators—with on-demand tutoringBrylind Lawson Gary Giordano Classroom (611)
GoGuardian + Pear Deck + Edulastic | Differentiating Instruction with Pear Deck and GoGuardian TeacherBrittany Dykes Pete Raubvogel Classroom (431)
History UnErased | What Is LGBTQ History?Aliza Kapel Kathleen Barker Classroom (617)
Instructure | How Mastery Connect can replace Skedula with a Standards Based GradebookBrad Hytrek Classroom (623)
Jupiter | Simplify Grades, Communication, and Data: Jupiter's Solutions for NYCDOE schoolsStuart Miles Samantha Daves Classroom (625)
WeVideo | Kids love video. Now what?John Klein Classroom (627)
Grades, Attendance & Messaging [livestreamed session]Michael Edwards Zach Dane Concert Hall (1st Floor)
#NYCSchoolsTech & Beyond Lounge and Learn Library (6th Floor)
Engaging families, building relationships, and empowering communities using Microsoft toolsMary Villaume Windy Lopez-Aflitto Dery Rodriguez Classroom (615)
Accessibility Awareness for DOE BuildingsJyoti Folch-Berman Classroom (411)
Paper | How Technology Can Stop the Teacher Exodus?Alyssa Tuman Classroom (413)
AAC for Literacy: Implementing AAC tools with Reading/Writing Activites in the Classroom!Lindsey Huntley Enriqua White Classroom (417)
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)
Lunch Available Student Dining Room (5th Floor)
Partner MEET & GREET Vendor Halls (1st Floor & Mezzanine)
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)
Operoo powered by SchoolStatus | Increasing Parent Engagement and Improving EfficiencySam Banks Joe Arzuaga Classroom (437)
Empowering Students with Digital FluencyLeanne Ellis Classroom (427)
Google | Next Level Tips with Google WorkspaceSanti Khairassame Robin Ransom Classroom (441)
The Great EscapeMoses Ojeda Classroom (659 & 661)
Jumpstart iLearnNYCKelly Henning Dan Kossow Classroom (643)
Computer Science Education as a Tool to Teach Social JusticeThea Williams Christy Crawford Kristi Jones Ashley Ufret Classroom (645)
Dell Technologies | Using Game-Based Learning to Advance Equity and STEM PathwaysJeremiah Okal-Frink Ashley Chizzoniti Andrew Topol Classroom (621)
Gale, Cengage Group | Using Gale & NOVELny to Inspire Digital Literacy & Inquiry in Every ClassroomMeg Moulton Andrea Eshelman Michael Dodes Classroom (421)
Sora, by OverDrive Education | Digital Reading Tools to Support all Readers Leveraging the Citywide Digital LibraryRegis Coustillac Melissa Jacobs Tracy Waalkes Classroom (641)
Microsoft | Support Reading Fluency with Reading Progress & Reading CoachMary Villaume Tara Carrozza Classroom (609)
Teq | Teach Coding Without the CodeMatthew Thaxter Classroom (611)
Discovery Education | Preparing for their Future Careers in Tech: SYEP 2022Ronique Hicks Anthony Casasnovas Geri Gillespy, Ed.D. Nafisa Basir Classroom (431)
Kami | Kami: Much More than Just an Annotation AppMarcus Stein Oliver Tingling Robyn Bryant Lisa Choi Classroom (617) | Bring Design & Critical Thinking into the 21st Century ClassroomJoel Cilli Oscar Pedroso Classroom (623)
Apple Inc. | Apple Classrooms of TomorrowDavid Nash Jessica Hogue Jose Perez Classroom (627)
School Partnership Program-Amplifying school support at DIIT [livestreamed session]Jackie Patanio Gina Tesoriero Concert Hall (1st Floor)
#NYCSchoolsTech & Beyond Lounge and Learn Library (6th Floor)
Ready to Team Up: Research based resources to strengthen the home-school connectionWindy Lopez-Aflitto Dery Rodriguez Classroom (615)
Codester | Finding Students Voice and Power with PythonElyssa Rosen Kevin Smith Classroom (411)
Renaissance | Optimizing Literacy Growth with Middle and High School LearnersJulie Vogel, Ph.D. Penelope Duda Classroom (413)
Free Assistive Technology Solutions to Empower Diverse LearnersJoseph Piazza Tiffany Brown Classroom (417)
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM (EDT)
Snacks Available Student Dining Room (5th Floor)
Partner MEET & GREET Vendor Halls (1st Floor & Mezzanine)
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM (EDT)
TEQ + Smart Partner | What’s New from SMART: Lumio, Kooth, and Promoting Student and Teacher WellbeingMatthew Thaxter Classroom (437)
Newsela | Using Newsela to Jumpstart Your Year with Student EngagementAlivia Nuzzo Rachel Rickles Sarah Fink Christine Carroll Classroom (427)
Otus | Every Moment CountsKeith Westman Elizabeth "Liz" Ofori Classroom (441)
One Account for All / Enterprise SoftwareJose Perez Zach Dane Classroom (429)
Future Forward Career Panel w/ Industry Professionals & SYEP StudentsAnthony Casasnovas Classroom (643)
NY State Computer Science and Digital Fluency Standards AwarenessValerie Brock Amy Hobson Lionel Bergeron Classroom (645)
The Great Escape Moses Ojeda Classroom (659 & 661)
Engaging Readers with Digital Books [livestreamed session]Tracy Waalkes Regis Coustillac Melissa Jacobs Concert Hall (1st Floor)
#NYCSchoolsTech & Beyond Lounge and Learn Library (6th Floor)
Taking Digital Accessibility Classes On-demand Patricia Paddock Classroom (411)
Soundtrap by Spotify | Encourage Student Voice with SoundtrapSerena Robinett Deirdre Cooney Classroom (413)
Tech Strategies for an Inclusive ClassroomMaricris Formoso-Santos Classroom (417)
2:30 PM - 3:00 PM (EDT)
Snacks Available Student Dining Room (5th Floor)
Partner Meet & Greet Vendor Halls (1st Floor & Mezzanine)
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM (EDT)
Closing/Awards Concert Hall (1st Floor)