Wednesday, July 28, 2021
7:30 AM - 8:00 AM

Education Partners

Partner Meet & Greet

8:00 AM - 8:30 AM

Education Partners

Microsoft Literacy Resources: Empowering All Learners    

This session identifies Microsoft powered Learning Resources every educator can use to support literacy, improving reading and writing for all learners—regardless of age or ability.  Microsoft tools such as Reading Progress, Immersive Reader, Dictation, Editor, Translation will be highlighted and featured, along with the research-based documentation to support these tools.

Brittnie Hebnes

Education Partners

Digital Approaches to Project Based Learning    

A successful learning approach that has proven itself again over the past year is Project Based Learning (PBL). This approach has been successful for years but required new strategies when implemented in the digital world. Spend time discussing the lessons learned across three districts in NYC who explored digital PBL and are planning to expand their implementation in the coming school year. Walk away with resources for leaders, teachers and a toolkit to support caregivers in the use of PBL with digital tools.

Jeremiah Okal-Frink

Education Partners

The Game-Changer in Instructional Planning    

After reviewing the impact on student achievement so far this year, Dr. Gene Kerns will explore how NYC Schools can leverage Renaissance Focus Skills to accelerate growth in NY Priority Learning Standards. The Focus Skills pinpoint the non-negotiable standards for Math and align to the NY Priority Learning Standards for your district. 




The Future is HERE: Preparing Students for Tomorrow by Transforming Education Today

Calling All Transformative Thinkers for School Year 2021-22! This session will look at how technology is now infused into all stages of our students' future, from their college experience to their future careers. Join us  for a human-centered discussion on how innovation in AI, Extended Reality, Data Science, and 3-D printing have impacted the job skills of tomorrow, and how we can harness our classroom technology to transform the school learning environment for our students. Learn about resources that are available from the DIIT Team and CDW to support your school community in Transforming Education to Prepare Our Students for Tomorrow.

Diana Gross Vitalis Ndikum

Education Partners

Up Your Website Game: Tips for cutting down on back to school confusion and driving traffic to your site

Let’s get your website into shape for the upcoming school year! Welcome families back with a user-friendly site that is easy to navigate and full of the info they need for heading back to school. With Edlio websites serving 5 million households daily, we’ll share our tips for creating an online hub that will keep families engaged and students up to date on classes, and how to get the word out that your newly refreshed site is the complete online resource for your school year-round.

Nicole Legaux

Education Partners

Inspire Creativity and Collaboration in Every Classroom with Canva for Education

George Lee, Veteran Educator, will share several examples of how teachers and students are using Canva for Education to transform learning in both face-to-face and virtual environments.

George Lee

Education Partners

Pear Deck 101

How to get started with Pear Deck and use best practices to streamline lessons and provide engagement.


Amber Trout
8:45 AM - 9:00 AM



9:00 AM - 9:30 AM


Beyond the pandemic: finding hope in cybernetics

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic plunged us into a liminal moment of instability, and systems around the world are still in flux. With this destabilisation comes an opportunity to deliberately and carefully recalibrate our future. How might we do that when it comes to the future of technology? What sort of future might we want to imagine and build? In this presentation, Genevieve Bell will explore how cybernetics – which grew out of another moment of global disruption and technological change – can give us a hopeful, generative and creative approach for the future. It invites us to look differently at the world all around us, to consider technology, people and our environment as inseparable. The talk will conclude with a small cybernetic keepsake you can make at home.

Genevieve Bell
9:30 AM - 10:00 AM


Cybernetic tools for the classroom

This short workshop is a companion to Genevieve Bell’s keynote presentation. In it, Dr Kelly Frame from the ANU School of Cybernetics will share some cybernetic resources and explore how you can bring cybernetic thinking into your classroom.

Kelly Frame

Education Partners

Using iLearnNYC in Your Classroom

Now available to all NYC schools free of charge, iLearnNYC is a robust LMS that can meet the diverse needs for remote, blended, and online learning. Join us as we demonstrate some examples of how you can create a personalized, easy-to-navigate space for students, and showcase how you can embed your other favorite tech tools and pre-existing content inside your iLearnNYC course.

Raed Armaly Puneet Kaur Josie Mytnowych

Education Partners

How to Deepen Your Ed Law 2-d Compliance Strategy to Safeguard Student Data

Discover how to easily manage and support your student data privacy compliance using CatchOn's data analytics tool

Monica Cougan Jon Dominik

Education Partners

Using eduClimber to see and use ALL the data

Learn how eduClimber, Illuminate Education's MTSS platform, is the perfect complement to IO Classroom to provide a truly actionable and equitable learning ecosystem.

Lynn Meyers

Education Partners

Otus an All in One Platform for Data, Assessment, and Reporting    

Join this session to hear how NYC schools are leveraging technology to make better face-to-face connections with students. Google for Education Partner, Otus, contains all of the tools needed to analyze data (NWEA, iReady, Renaissance, etc.), assess student learning, and ensure that families and students are engaged in learning. Used in over 80 schools in NYC, including all of District 19, NYC is our kind of town!"

Brad Hrytek

Education Partners

EdTech Essentials: Assessment and Goal Setting

Join educator, author, and speaker Monica Burns and the OTIS for educators team for part three of this three-part webinar series that will explore essential EdTech topics alongside actionable tips and favorite tools. 


Education Partners

Human Connection in Digital Learning

This session will dive into the research to understand how to keep a human connection in a world of digital learning through authentic literature and the human voice.  

Terrie Noland
10:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Education Partners

Partner Meet & Greet

10:15 AM - 10:45 AM

Education Partners

Lumio & Google Workspace Integration

Lumio, formerly known as SMART Learning Suite Online, integrates with Google Workspace for Education. This session will cover how you can create, access, and deliver Lumio files from Google Drive and Google Classroom, all while using content that already exists in your Google Drive.

Joseph Sanfilippo

Education Partners

What's New in Nearpod    

Join us to uncover the power Nearpod gives to educators to make teaching and learning unforgettable. Identify ways to keep students engaged from the moment they start a lesson with our bank of 15,000 + interactive activities, lessons, games and videos. Learn about the features in the Nearpod platform that provide you with multiple solutions in one place.  Explore how Nearpod creates opportunities for you to collect and use real time data to make in the moment instructional decisions. We will also explore how Nearpod’s Social Emotional Learning Collection supports teachers in building positive, safe, and empowering school climates.

Quinae Jackson

Education Partners

Making the Most of Makerspaces

Over the course of this discussion, we will explore how to maximize engagement levels in a makerspace no matter how big or small. Using case studies and live models we will demonstrate the benefits of three fundamental keys to capitalizing every inch of usable space: Multifunctional, flexibility, and choice

Aaron Buehring

Education Partners

Future Proof Your Classroom with Boxlight/Mimio and a chance to win a Mimio MyBot with MyStemKits!    

Boxlight/Mimio is making a big splash in NYC soon to be a BIG WAVE! Future proof your classrooms by including virtual education gaming and interactive lessons with our visionary technology solutions which include IFP's, Stem/Steam portfolio, Professional Development and awarding winning software MimiConnect, MimioStudio, MyStemKits, and Oktopus with Game Zones. Come to our session to learn more about these solutions and have a chance to win a Mimio MyBot with MyStemKits!

Michele Gill Conte
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM


How Leaders Update their Practices in a Post-pandemic World

In this session, we get a global perspective of how school leaders are focusing on wellness and shifting their approach to technology as they prepare for the new school year.  

View the How Leaders Update their Practices in a Post-pandemic World agenda—it’s where you can get the slide deck and all other resources.


Sarah Marshall Michael D'Onofrio Brandy Nelson Tracy Daniel-Hardy
Tali Horowitz Laura Ogando Jackie Patanio

Connecting with Families

Panel: How Schools & Districts are Connecting with Families

Panelists from schools from around the globe share their plans for connecting and engaging with families next year.  

View the Panel: How Schools & Districts are Connecting with Families agenda—it’s where you can get the slide deck and all other resources.


Sandra Paul Adam Phyall III Dery Rodriguez Philippa Wraithmell
10:45 AM - 11:15 AM

Education Partners

Digital Creativity: Podcasting and Music-Making with Soundtrap  

Future Soundtrappers - welcome to the creative club! During this session we are excited to share how you can build podcasting and music-making into any content area through Soundtrap by Spotify. Our web-based studio is student friendly, integrated with GoogleClassroom, and a place where students can see their creativity come to life. After the session you’ll be linked up with supplemental resources and be ready to start exploring. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Jess Kertz

Education Partners

Edword | Feedback revolution    

Want to spend half the normal time on marking hand ins?

Combine comments from your library with audio comments and a statistical overview – easily share and collaborate with colleague – all fully integrated with Google Docs.

The Edword feedback suite is not just a comment bank, an audio comment or a transcribe feature, but a powerful combination of tools allowing you to give much better feedback on your students’ written assignments … much faster.

See how it works. Ask questions. Sign your school up for a free trial.

Jacob Gadegaard

Education Partners

Exploring the Full Solution with Promethean    

Come kick back learn about how your Promethean ActivPanel can be used in the classroom, with teacher and student devices, and our award-winning software options. Explore the countless built-in tools within the ActivPanel like Annotate, Spinner, Timer, and Whiteboard, and let us help you quickly start engaging your students.

Ryan Thornton

Education Partners

Creative Coding With BrainPOP (no technical experience needed!)

Join us to see how 850+ schools in the NYC DOE (and 2 out of 3 students across NY State) use BrainPOP to support instruction and the cover Computer Science and Digital Fluency Learning Standards. Discover best practices for integrating coding into your K-2 or 3-8 curriculum and join a hands-on workshop that models the student experience with BrainPOP’s block-based Creative Coding tools. No teacher or student coding experience is needed! Leave with a plan to implement Creative Coding in the classroom to develop computational thinking. All attendees will be given 6 months of free access to all BrainPOP offerings.

Marley Zeno
11:15 AM - 11:30 AM

Education Partners

Partner Meet & Greet

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Education Partners

Explore SEL through an Anti-bias Anti-racist Lens

In this session, we will explore and collaborate around social-emotional challenges, needs and priorities for the year ahead.  You will learn how Newsela’s SEL collection and Anti-Bias, Anti-Racist resources and lessons can support your school community in meeting the unique needs of ALL of your students.  We will dive deeply and discuss best practices for implementing Newsela’s best-in-class resources, aligned to both the research-backed CASEL and SEE frameworks.  Experience how social-emotional learning and anti-bias, anti-racist frameworks are embedded in Newsela’s content and walk away with a resource to ensure your curricular materials are ready to meet the moment.

Luci Cambria

Education Partners

The Future of the Web is Yours to Create: Engaging students as designers and creators of the web    

Wix Education is a space for future web creators to nurture their design and coding skills, be creative, and make their ideas come to life. Our free lesson plans and activities are designed to give you and your students everything you need to dive into the world of web creation, design, and coding — no matter what subject you teach. We're proudly FERPA and CSPC-certified, and our courses have been awarded the ISTE Seal of Alignment.

In this session, explore how Wix Education’s Web Design, Creation, and Development curricula go beyond skill-building with an in-depth look at our materials and platform, trying out a hands-on activity together, and concluding with a discussion of how you might implement these resources in your classroom this Fall. Participants will leave with ideas for nurturing students as web creators, as well as free resources to use immediately in the classroom.

Saskia Leggett

Education Partners

Providing Accessibility in Your STEM Classroom using the Immersive Reader and More!

Join us for a virtual opportunity to see how Microsoft's free and platform agnostic accessibility tools support a hands and immersive on learning environment. My STEM Kit lessons create deep conceptual understanding of the content, and we will model you how to provide all students access to the curriculum regardless of ability or barrier. Participants will see how the Immersive Reader, Translator and Dictation can leverage learning opportunities for all students. Let's re-engage students in the learning process and create opportunities for success for each student.

Cindy Daniels
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Celine Azoulay
Francisco Baez Laura Benin Wayne Henry Juan Carlos Jordan Sandy Vilorio Felix Wagner

Digital Literacy & Citizenship

Panel: What to Keep/What to Ditch from the Pandemic

What might the latest version of the “new normal” look like when schools reopen for a fully (and only) in-person program? Leaders from across the country share their insights on what we’ve learned over this past year and will address how we can continue innovating to make teaching and learning even better.

View the Panel: What to Keep/What to Ditch from the Pandemic agenda—it’s where you can get the slide deck and all other resources.


Michael D'Onofrio Matthew Joseph
clemencia acevedo Jennifer Foxe Melissa Murphy Eric Scattaretico Melissa Stark Gina Tesoriero
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

Education Partners

Panel Discussion: Digital Workflows for Parents, Staff and Students

Attend this session to hear how operations and administrative leaders from NYC’s K - 12 schools are embracing digital workflows to streamline over 200 day-to-day processes, eliminating the need to perform recurring, error-prone and resource-intensive manual tasks. Check out the top 25 paper and people reliant operational workflows we’ve helped NYC schools automate HERE 

Sam Banks Brad Weir Steven Martinson Todd Gerber Tina Nyffler

Education Partners

Learning with Apple    

Join us for a discussion about how Apple products can support learning and teaching in your school or district. Hear from Apple about the latest iPadOS and macOS features that are important for education. Apple systems engineers will answer your questions and guide you to resources and information you need to successfully integrate iPad and Mac into your learning environment.

Jessica Hogue

Education Partners

Epson BrightLink Interactive Projectors: Big Image, Great Value

An overview of how BrightLink Interactive Projectors provide "Learning that Sticks" with Big, Bright, and Engaging Display Content to optimize student comprehension and retention.

Ted Marcus
12:30 PM - 1:00 PM


Lunch/Meet the DOE Award Winners

Frances Amato Robyn Bryant Josephine Coco Derek Cradle Zachary Dane Theresa DeMatteo Michael D'Onofrio Stephanie Fermin Shiela Lee Raphael Ortiz Melissa Stark Cindy Wong
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Education Partners

Partner Meet & Greet

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Education Partners

Incorporating Holistic and Equitable Best Practices Into Your Coding Program    

Developing holistic and equitable coding programs doesn’t have to be hard—Girls Who Code has your back! Join us to gain the tools you need to easily bring fun and digestible coding curricula to your community—whether you’re a complete beginner or a resident expert! By the end of the session, you’ll understand how to incorporate essential community-building activities that encourage positive social emotional development, build a supportive network of peers and diverse role models for students, and connect coding to impact. You’ll walk away with tangible tips and strategies you can implement right away and begin a drafted plan for developing (or enhancing) the STEM initiatives in your own community!

Emily Ong
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Sean Arnold JoJo Farrell Jose Perez
Michael Dodes Tracy Waalkes
Laura Ogando
Haojing Huang Marilena Orfanos Joshua Stern Huiyi (Sophie) Liu Nava Bahrampour Gina Tesoriero
Lorrie Ayers-Hutchinson
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Education Partners

High Quality Computing in Elementary to Fuel Your CS Pipeline

High quality computing programs in elementary schools support students in developing key skills and understandings, build self-efficacy, and normalize the study of computer science. While these programs’ efficacy at establishing a computer science pipeline is well established, many schools and districts face significant barriers to implementing universal computing education for their young learners. This session will address common challenges, such as teacher buy-in and preparation, scheduling constraints, and choosing a program that aligns with the school’s educational values.

Participants will leave the session with a clear set of approaches for advocating for, choosing, and implementing a high quality elementary computing program in their schools or districts.

Elizabeth Bacon

Education Partners

Hidden Gems of Google Workspace for Education: Optimize Your Classroom for the Virtual & Blended Space    

Google Workspace for Education offers incredible tools for managing your work and your students' work, whether you are in-person or remote. With so many new features and tools being added, it can be difficult to keep up with all that is available to you! 

In this workshop, we will experiment with lesser-known and brand-new features of Google Drive, Docs, Jamboard, Sheets, and Classroom - including translating your documents, advanced equations in Docs/Sheets, and more! 

Whether you are just getting started with Google tools, or you are hoping to learn a few new tips and tricks, we encourage you to register for this workshop.

Anderson Emerole
2:30 PM - 2:45 PM

Education Partners

Partner Meet & Greet

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
Tara Carrozza
Michael Dodes
Sean Arnold David Carroca Rhianon Gutierrez Hue-An Wren Kimberly Zajac
Dominic Caguioa Ron Carroll JoJo Farrell Ty Mulroy Guillermo Tejeda Stephanie Fermin Robyn Bryant

Connecting with Families

Microsoft Literacy Resources: Empowering All Learners

Meeting the needs of today's diverse learners and helping them build literacy skills has never been more important. A key consideration for adopting education technology is whether it supports the ways in which humans learn. Today’s session identifies Microsoft powered Learning Resources every educator can use to support literacy, improving reading and writing for all learners—regardless of age or ability.  Microsoft tools such as Reading Progress, Immersive Reader, Dictation, Editor, Translation will be highlighted and featured, along with the research-based documentation to support these tools

View the Microsoft Literacy Resources: Empowering All Learners agenda—it’s where you can get the slide deck and all other resources


Brittnie Hebnes
3:15 PM - 3:45 PM

Education Partners

Workshop with Moxtra - Transforming the Education Journey Through Your One Stop Student Portal App

- Explore the rise of the digital landscape, the mobile era, and its effects on the student experience expectations with an education provider. 
- The value of leveraging a private onestop digital channel for students to receive convenient just in time assistance - in a secure, compliant, and managed environment.
- Understand the power of holding digital presence on student devices to build brand virality and student loyalty.
- Explore the benefits of embracing student-centric digital strategies to fast track the student services experiences and increase revenue. 
- A look into the future of student convenience through an immersive, interactive virtual university experience.

Rohan Jhanlani

 Education Partners

Results Count, My Math Academy Delivers!  A PreK-2 Game-based Approach that Tripled Math Gains for Early Learners. 

Age of Learning spent six years applying the latest learning science to develop My Math Academy, a highly-individualized learning solution designed to bring equity and efficacy into every classroom. From the creators of ABCmouse, My Math Academy guides preK through grade 2 learners through a highly-personalized learning adventure featuring engaging and just-right challenges that empower children, encourage persistence, and lead to a love of math. During this session, participants will see pilot results of how My Math Academy tripled learning gains for Prek and Kindergarten students during the 20-21 school year despite the pandemic and other community challenges.

Samuel Bonfante KP Thai
3:45 PM - 4:00 PM

Closing and Social

Closing Ceremonies/Passport to Prizes